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State of the Guild Address
posted by Nastard on Wednesday December 21, @12:12PM
from the long-time-coming dept.
slack It hasn't really been almost seven months, has it? Really? Well I'll be damned. I apologize for the worst lapse in SG history, but I've been a little busy lately. Busy doing things like meeting the woman of my dreams, recording and releasing an indie rock record, getting laid off, and logging more hours in the hospital than the rest of my years combined. At least the server has stayed up. That's good.

For those of you still paying attention, here's my notes on where we are now, where we're going (or not going - whatever), and where you can all stick it.

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How I Hate Computers!
posted by Nastard on Wednesday June 01, @10:03AM
from the at-least-he-spelled-faggot-correctly dept.
Computers Anonymous Coward writes, each sort of batting serves an objective as well as works better in some quilting applications than others. Numerous quilters prefer one batting over one more, and also with excellent reason. Device quilters choose one kind, hand quilters an additional, and also the subjects of warmth as well as washing can take you in different directions as well. It's considered to integrate the best parts of both cotton and polyester batting in one bundle. Quilts with poly-cotton batting have a tendency to have a slightly thicker look than those with 100% cotton and a smoother look too, even after washing.

The turning boards for dancer are the first thing you see when you enter the studio. They’re the main interface, the big pieces of the whole puzzle. They represent what we are and what we do, and they are the main way that people are introduced to our space. This is what we came up with after trying a variety of some best turning boards for dancers. As with everything we do here, we’ve been considering and reconsidering the boards and how they work, and we’re happy to share our conclusions, our thoughts and our questions.

Actual tacos are made with corn or flour tortillas (homemade being preferable) stuffed most abundant in remarkable materials believe fried avocados, chipotle-rubbed salmon or pulled pork and capped with complementary decorations like hot salsas and new herbs. If you're maybe not convinced yet, produce one of many dishes under and you'll see what we are speaking about. Forgettable tacos are usually the type which come out of a package, with a bundle for seasoning and little else. While there's definitely a time and a place for this with taco holders stand, they do not do the taco any justice.

This earn robux playing games almost seems far too superior really was since it may be set off on the press on the button to gain in-app purchase resources easily. This kind of most up-to-date on the web ninja voltage tool allows anyone to participate in the game for free so that you won't should waste money in transactions or maybe bonus deals that you can get ahead of time when you are a new settled player. The game has been a new hot product, and also it's easy to activate its Free cash mode together with that you can get unlimited cash. When using rewards site, you are able to obtain in-game premium currency into two units as well as less. Also, it is ensured that will developer will certainly find it difficult dating anyone again as someone using the dawn of dynasty android mod then excluding your self on their own hosting space and also whatnot. This is because a makers regarding this castle crush android hack have recently been doing work tirelessly to distinguish manipulate just after manipulate, to ensure that they've good at discovering weaknesses quicker compared to the developers may area them.

Ladies and gentlemen, a guest article by Fred Durst!

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An Intro to White Plastic Crap
posted by Nastard on Monday May 02, @10:24AM
from the long-overdue-apple-linkdump dept.
Links With the release of the Mac mini, the iPod shuffle, and now OS X Tiger, Apple has been seeing a lot of press lately, and for good reason. It's easy to see how Apple has returned to the status of industry darling with 40 iPods being sold per minute (and increasing). The marvelous little music player has also made AAPL the tech stock to watch, bumping Google to a close second (a fact that Apple has not overlooked in their Dashboard widget). What is it that makes Apple fans so passionate (read: cult-like) about the company? It could be the attraction to style and design, which, as even the PC-friendly will admit, Apple has down to, well, an art. It could be the infamous Steve Jobs Reality Distortion Field. Or it may just be the hipster elitism of being in the expensive designer minority.

Of course, the real answer is simple. Macs are much, much better.

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The Secret Images Microsoft Doesn't Want You To See
posted by bonch on Wednesday March 30, @06:00PM
from the confidential-like-strawberry-ice-cream dept.
Computers Microsoft has been working on Longhorn since dinosaurs ruled the Earth. Armed with mighty spear and leather crotch-cloth, ancient Microsoft empoyees embarked on a prehistoric journey that would rival the cockroach in its ability to never stop going on. Recently, Paul Thurrot of WinSuperSite ran yet another Longhorn preview, telling us how great it will be for Windows to have features other operating systems have had for years. A series of screenshots were also released on the site. But by the time Slashdot got its hands on it, three screenshots were removed from the original piece. And this is their story. Read on...

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Better Than Free - Giving Away Money
posted by Nastard on Thursday February 10, @10:47AM
from the still-cheap-for-me dept.
slack I mentioned before that I didn't want to see SG turn into a free___.com whoring site while we worked on the relaunch, so this will be (I promise) the last time I post about it.

We all know that I was sent two (2) iPods, and Noir just got his a couple of days ago, so this is most assuredly not a scam. Call it a pyramid scheme, call it stupid, whatever. It's legitimate, and you really do get whatever it is you're signing up for. This, to me, translates to "not scam".

I have most of the needed referrals for my iPod Photo, but none for my Mac Mini, and only a handful for the rest. While I appreciate everyone who has signed up and helped me (and the other folks whose links were in the last post) out, it's time to sweeten the pot just a little.

Many of you have no interest in signing up because you'll never get all of the needed refs to get anything out of it. To give you folks some incentive, I'm offering $10 to anyone who signs up through my link and completes an offer. Once your offer is complete, send me an email, and I'll send you $10 via PayPal. Yes, I'm serious. Here's the links:

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State of the Guild Address
posted by Nastard on Friday January 28, @12:24AM
from the been-a-while dept.
slack So I guess I owe you all an explanation.

Slackers Guild is dead.

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Free Crap Roundup
posted by Nastard on Sunday January 16, @11:02AM
from the buy-our-love dept.
slack At the risk of allowing Slackers Guild to turn into an advertising site, I'm posting another article on the various Gratis "free" sites. Before I get to the links, I'll point out what I've said before: this is not a scam. I received (thanks to their mistake) two (2) 20GB iPods from freeipods.com. Nothing bad happened. Sure, they probably signed me up for some spam, but that's what Hotmail accounts are for. Or better yet, if you have reservations about spam, I'd be glad to send you a Gmail invite.

Free Crap:

iPod Photo: 40GB iPod Photo from Apple. Requires 10 signups.
Flatscreen: Choose between several flatscreen TVs or a 17" Samsung LCD monitor. Requires 8 signups.
Game Console: Choose between an X-Box, PS2, GameCube, or the new Nintendo DS. Requires 4 signups.
Mac Mini: Apple's new Mac Mini, just announced last week at MacWorld. Requires 10 signups.
iPod Shuffle: Apple's new flash-based iPod with 1GB or storage. Requires 3 signups.

The whole thing is rather simple and painless, and even if you lack the motivation to seek out the required referrals for yourself, at least by signing up you'd be supporting SG. And this way is more or less free to you, unlike the donate and wish list buttons over on the left, which you're also more than welcome to click.

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Ask SG: Where Do You Slack?
posted by Nastard on Sunday January 16, @11:00AM
from the what-do-you-do-half-assed-these-days? dept.
slack Amnott Responsible writes, "So I happened upon this site while i was killing the many free hours in my day. I chekced it out and found some pretty cool stuff. But there was one thing that was missing (besides recent updates), but i was wondering what the rest of the slackers guild does for work. Now i know that that might seem a little contradictory but i my self am in a great position where i get payed to slack off all day. I'd like to hear from the rest of the guild and see what it is they do that they can get away slacking all day long?"

I wasn't going to put up any new articles until the re-launch, but this is a really good question, and I'm surprised nobody has asked it before.

( Article and Comments | 3 comments | Ask SG )

Holiday Charity
posted by Nastard on Tuesday December 21, @10:33PM
from the last-article dept.
Humor I was at Best Buy the other day, and after I was done fending off the slack-jawed moron who was trying to sell me a replacement plan for the replacement plan I just bought, I noticed that they have a "Toys For Teens" program. Upon further inspection, it seems that it's an extension of the "Toys For Tots" charity. This clever alliteration combined with the sudden seasonal desire to give a shit about people other than myself inspired me to create my own program.

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What Do You Want For Christmas, Worm-Children?
posted by bonch on Friday December 03, @04:34PM
from the jolly-boots-of-doom dept.
Rants Another November has passed, and the cold, chill of evil December, last month of the year, has reared its icy head to gaze its glaring red eyes upon the innocents. Christmas is also coming, so what would you like under the tree? I'll start, but first I must describe the evils of Christmas. Because you care. Read on...

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